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Pizza Rulez, The Best Style Blog Ever?

Every day, new style blogs are born. Some are destined for stardom; others, perhaps not so much. And with the constant rush of content on the web, it's sometimes hard to find the ones worth reading.

A few months ago, I was introduced to Pizza Rulez, a member of the Lucky Style Collective. I was intrigued by the spelling, so I gave it a second gander. What followed can only be explained as true bloglovin'. Half the time I can't tell if Rachel (the mind behind the keyboard) is being serious, snarky or just having fun with the whole blogging world. I like to think it's a combination of everything.

Recently, she's been named the spokesperson for jackets—not any jacket or designer in particular, just jackets as a concept. She is bound for great things. If you have a moment, please do yourself a favor and get to know Pizza Rulez.

Pizza Rulez

A more formal look.