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Prada Fall 2012: Miuccia's Geometry Lesson

Yesterday around noon, basically every computer in the Lucky digital office had an open tab with the Prada Fall 2012 Live stream screen up and every few minutes one of us would hopefully ask, "Is anything happening yet?" After about an hour of watching people mill about on a giant purple, black and white carpet, the lights dimmed and we all gathered around one screen to see what Mrs. Prada had cooked up for fall. As usual, the designer's canny eye for emerging trends left us coveting silhouettes and colors we've never considered before.

The Italian label may be all about airy pastels and retro references for spring, but its fall delivery is a homage to the madcap preppy looks of the mid-'90s. There were crazy printed pantsuits, mixed with heavy soled mary-janes and lots of skirts over pants. (We also spotted this at Marc Jacobs this season, and Chanel in the recent past.)

There were blazers everywhere, in exaggerated silhouettes: cropped right above the navel, nipped waist or long, flowing and buttoned at the top. Each jacket topped a slim pair of baby bell pants, which flared just above the ankle. The palette was mostly muted and dark, accented with tangerine and grape; almost every item was embellished with oversized crystals or covered in a geometric pattern. All the accessories came in chunky, exaggerated shapes that nicely complemented such sharp-lined outfits.

Click through the slideshow below to see the entire collection and let us know what you think of Prada's fall line. Are you excited to try any of these trends?

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