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Rachel Antonoff Fall 2012: Musical Theater, Alia Shawkat and Rachel's Grandmother

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The Scene: Rachel Antonoff does it right: We met friends, family and a sexy cat named Mr. Wendy that’s in every one of her shows.

"You can see where she gets her talent," Rachel’s very cute and stylish grandmother humbly commented. And then she said, "Why is everyone so tall?" Good question!

Also, Alia Shawkat of Arrested Development sang some jazz standards that she described as “no big deal” even though she blew the crowd away with that Billie Holiday thing she has going on.

The Look: Ray Ray gave me the how and the why: “I love Bye Bye Birdie, the musical. So she’s in the Conrad Birdie fan club," she said of this season's girl. "And I love sweatshirts. It's my quest for life to be comfortable and yet look okay and presentable. I always master the comfortable part and I’m working on the looking presentable part." I love meeting someone else that appreciates the art of the grey sweatshirt.

The Pieces We Want: I plan to say hello to that Bye Bye Birdie sweatshirt. And the little pants, little sweater, little collar—that’s kind of my thing.

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