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Rachel Bilson on Karl Lagerfeld's Eating Habits and Why She's 'Not Crazy About Slutty Dresses'

Photo: Ruven Afanador

Why does Rachel Bilson always, always look so damn good in whatever she's wearing? That's what we wondered before meeting the petite actress in the flesh—at an L.A. Cheesecake Factory, no less.

But after chatting with the Hart of Dixie star about her new footwear line Shoemint and her predilection for pairing statement-making accessories with classic wardrobe basics, it clicks—the girl knows fashion better than even her shopping-obsession character on The O.C., Summer Roberts, ever did. Chalk it up to confidence and a fierce entrepreneurial streak. Oh, and being BFFs with Karl Lagerfeld (who "eats nothing," according to Rachel) doesn't hurt, either.

Click here to read our entire interview with the star, who despite her style prowess still prefers Muppets-print pajamas to super-skimpy dresses. A woman after our own hearts, indeed.

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