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Rachel Comey Is Back in Black For Fall 2012

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Rachel Comey and I talked shop after her show yesterday. The collection was a departure from all of the colors and prints that she normally works with, but I think it's her best work yet. Sign me up for those blazers and white booties—even though I know I'll have to fight my editor Lauren for them. Read our quick chat below, then look at all the pretty pictures!

The collection felt more formal this season. Any particular reason for that?

I don't why it happened, but it happened organically on its own. I wanted it to feel fresh, optimistic, clean and lucid. Somehow that dressed it up. I took a lot of color out. Normally I work with a lot of color for fall, but it's more neutral. That made me play with shine and texture...all of which are more formal.

It's difficult to differentiate between fall and spring collections these days. Perhaps because of global warming?

I went for that too. Fall clothes just felt so heavy and icky. I'm still going to wear my summer clothes this winter.

Your signature booties have evolved, too!

We're always doing booties. We introduced this strong white story especially for fall.

Is there anything specific that inspires you?

I don't have a specific narrative like that. I try to focus on the feelings I want to convey.

If your collection was an ice cream flavor, which would it be?

Chocolate chip—no mint. I get annoyed when people put mint in there!

Donatella Versace gave mint chocolate chip as her answer, and your collections couldn't be more different.

I don't eat that.

I like a good mint chip with a sugar cone, but I respect that.

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