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Ralph Lauren Fall 2012: Get Downton

Fairchild Archive

How do I know Ralph Lauren's collection was inspired by Downton Abbey? Maybe it was the drop-dead-obvious choice of soundtrack that lead me to that conclusion. Before we saw any of the clothes, the theme song of the popular British drama rang down the runway. There was a definite moment where the entire audience smiled and chuckled a bit. Fashion people love Downton Abbey, after all.

So what happens when Ralph Lauren goes Downton? Tweeds, top hats, canes, beading and an entirely sophisticated take on English country living. Well, English country manor living. With the exception of the opening looks of layered tweed, fair isle and stripes, the show was decidedly simple. Eveningwear was sleek and understated, appropriate for an evening with Dowager Countess, maybe?

Which of Lord Grantham's daughters would go mad for this collection? Would it be the dignified Lady Mary, the alluring Lady Sybil, or the one that nobody likes and is never going to get married, Lady Edith? I'll leave it up to you to decide.

Unrelated to Downtown Abbey, but still notable: The second Mr. Lauren stepped out for his wave and walk, all the Lauren family in attendance sprang up for a standing ovation. Say what you want, but that was a nice thing to see after a week of double kisses and, "let's get lunch soon, okay?!"