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Really Cool Glasses for the Vision Impaired (And Those Who Fake It)

I'm pretty paranoid about losing my vision. I was convinced that I couldn't clearly read the menu board at the Pita Pit, so I made an appointment with an ophthalmologist who told me I was insane and only very slightly near-sighted—not requiring any sort of prescription eyewear. In the third grade, I really wanted glasses so I bumped into walls for awhile and faked an eye exam.

Having not fooled my mother or the eye doctor, she finally gave in and bought me a pair of very dorky pink glasses sans prescription. The point being, even at an early age, I understood the importance of smart-looking accessories. Even my 20/40 vision won't stop me from buying several of this season's latest optical wear. Here are my not very discreet picks.

Nothing says "hey, I wear glasses!" like a very bright red pair.

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