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Robert Verdi's HSN Sunglasses Are Very Colorful, Not Very Expensive

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In a fitting move for someone rarely seen without a pair of shades atop his head, celebrity stylist Robert Verdi is launching a sunglasses line for HSN.

Verdi, who strongly believes in the power of sunglasses to transform an outfit, says he made his offerings “really affordable, so that now women can buy a pair for every look.” Rather than wearing one versatile style of sunglasses with every outfit, Verdi suggests changing your frames with each ensemble.

A few of his favorite combinations? “Jeans and a cashmere sweater with a tortoise frame,” "a white bikini with a pair of silver aviators" and “a rose gold frame with enamel accents,” which he says “goes with tons of colorful looks.” Click through below to peep a few of our favorite styles, available on HSN.com starting February 22. (He'll be selling them on the TV February 22 and 23.) With prices between $25 and $30, the possibilities are (sorta) endless.

A sketch depicting Verdi's vision: different shades for each outfit.

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