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Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

In Woody Allen's Oscar-nominated Midnight in Paris, Owen Wilson plays Gil, a successful screenwriter torn between the past and present. About to marry Inez (played by Rachel McAdams), Gil rethinks his engagement when he's given the opportunity to visit the romanticized Paris of the 1920s. There, he encounters the lovely Adriana (Marion Cotillard) as well as all of the decade's famous artists (Hemingway, Picassso, Stein, Baker, etc.). While switching back and forth from the 1920s to present-day, Gil also meets a museum guide at Musée Rodin (Carla Bruni) and a beautiful antiques dealer (Léa Seydoux) that both share his love and nostalgia for a bygone era.

Costume design and shrewd attention to detail help Allen to create a film seamlessly split between two eras.

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In the Present: Inez

In Midnight in Paris, Rachel McAdams plays Inez, a spoiled American who claims to hate everything about French culture even though she clearly borrows her style from the French classics. (And wears Isabel Marant.) Click through to shop the look:

Courtesy of Sony Pictures Classics

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