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They're not quite Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, but make no mistake, Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hannah, the murder-mystery-solving teens of Pretty Little Liars, each have their own distinct personalities and styles. Sure, they're probably shopping Madewell more than Manolo (and Aria sometimes looks like she went on a bender at Hot Topic) but there's something pretty impressive about the way these girls mix it all together. Even better, their looks can even work for those of us who took our SATs too long ago to mention.

Read on for how to dress like a (reasonably grown-up) version of a Pretty Little Liar.

(played by Lucy Hale)

Aria is full of angst. And you would be too if you had to hide the fact that you were dating your teacher and had a psycho, who goes only by the name of "A," sending you creepy texts all the time. Aria's wardrobe runs the gamut from girly to artsy to rocker, but there's always a poetic, dramatic edge to her choices...check out how to get her look.

We've yet to find out if Aria's had her last kiss with Erza, but this aptly-titled lace and chiffon look has her name written all over it.

We're guessing Aria would love these Rag & Bone boots for their luxe-rocker edge.

If we had to pick which Liar likes to load on the jewelry, it's probably Aria (though Hannah's certainly no slouch in the accessories deptartment). Aria tends to go for statement pieces, and these heart-shaped stunners would pop nicely with her dark hair.


Of all the girls, Aria wears a leather jacket most believeably.

This rich, dark berry shade will go with everything in Aria's closet.

If you've ever watched the opening sequence to Pretty Little Liars, you know how important makeup is. And jeez, there's no one who gobs on more of it than Aria, especially on the eyes. (Sorry Hannah, you take second place again). With the amount of eyeliner, mascara and shadow she wears, it's surprising she's not relegated to the goth table in the high school cafeteria. This intense volumizing mascara would do her proud.

Though she goes for a rebel edge, Aria is always put together. A polished bag, with gold chain detail and an interesting texture, like this one, suits her eclectic style.

Spencer Hastings
(played by Troian Bellisario)

Spencer's family has money, but she doesn't dress to show it off. Her pieces are classic and pretty refined for a high-schooler (or, well, anyone). You'd likely catch her studying (straight As are a must for this over-achiever) in a modern pair of chinos and a Victorian-flavored blouse, rather than a designer-logoed anything. But while she's all about looking the part of the good girl, she has a history of making out with her sister's exes (which makes her all the more interesting, if you ask us).

Click on for some Spencer-esque picks.

The prefect bag for the modern preppy.

The vintage heirloom-y look of this pair of earrings suits Spencer to a tee.

While Aria and Hannah look like a profesional makeup artist does them up before they eat breakfast, Spencer looks pretty with minimal makeup and glowy pink cheeks.

This seemingly traditional cozy merino wool sweater hides a surpise detail—a cool, exposed back zipper.

This silk blouse has ruffles, but it's not overly sweet (much like Spencer herself).

Spencer probably has a closet full of chinos—but this pair, because of its punchy citron hue, is more fun than the typical tan.

We love Rachel Antonoff for Bass, and these charming flats would look just right with Spencer's gamine figure. (Plus, you can run in them if you're ever chased by a homicidal maniac in a clocktower— as Spencer was.)

Hannah's definitely the girly-girl of the Liars crew. Flirty and totally into her appearance, she seems to be the only one of her friends who can stomach the annoying shopaholic Mona. A reformed shoplifter herself (designer sunglasses, whatever she could get her hands on!) Hannah has kept up her appearance despite the lack of freebies. Caleb, her astoundingly hot hacker boyfriend sure seems to appreciate the effort, and so do we—every show needs a resident glam girl.

Click on to shop Hannah's look.

A little glitz.

Hannah is the Liar best equipped to pull off a pink statement purse—and the outer pockets are perfect for getting your phone fast to sneak a peek at those nasty texts.

We can totally see Hannah getitng into the season's bold florals. And she'd like the extra bit of skin this one shows off, with its asymmetrical cut.

Pretty, fringe-y jewelry suits this high-maintenence girl best. Layer a series of long strands on if you want to stand out.

Glossy lips are a must for the most pouty Pretty Little Liar.

Toughen up Hannah's traditionally sweet look by adding a black blazer with a modern cut.

(as played by Shay Mitchell)

Emily is the resident jock. This swim team star (that is until "A" took her down on false performance-enhancing drug charges) usually looks cute and casual (which is nice since she's supposed to be a high-school student). Anyway, Emily is the one we'd want watching our back when things get out-of-control dangerous—and for that she needs some sensible clothes, and running shoes.

Emily is the most no-fuss of the girls. And actually, sometimes that means she actually ends up being the most stylish. A simple plaid shirt, with rolled-up sleeves, would look just right on her.

Clearly not just for jocks: The sporty look, as reimagined by designer Jason Wu.

A practical backpack, like this subtly military-flavored one, is classic yet cool.

Emily does wear dresses sometimes, but more often than not, you'll find her haunting the high-school halls in a comfy pair of pants. These are so soft, you'll want to live in them.

Athlectic inspirations were all over the runways-—so if you want a pair of fancy fashion sneakers, you'll have your pick. This Alexander Wang pair is at the top of our list.

Every swimmer needs a waterproof watch. This one is basic and gets the job done, without all those distracting dials and features that more expensive versions flaunt.