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Skaist-Taylor Fall 2012: The Juicy Couture Girls Strike Again

Courtesy of Skaist Taylor

How cool is it that Juicy founders Pamela and Gela are still working together, still besties and still killing it? I was super interested to see the collection and to meet the girls. (Gela told me I looked amazing. I died. Though I can't say I'm shocked that she was digging my giant white fur coat). I wasn't the only one interested. Anna Wintour made an appearance!

The Scene: The show was held in a parking garage below Lincoln Center. You read that right. Leading up to the space, there was a crazy mirrored walkway setup lined with tree imagery. I'm no expert, but I imagined them to be redwoods—fittingly West Coast. It looked very cool and was a good way to get my "New York state of mind" off of the cold weather.

The Look: Everything a grown-up Juicy girl could want! There were even a pair of pants reminiscent of the famous sweatsuit. The collection could serve as the entire wardrobe for our kind of girl—one that has really good style and a ton of appearances to make. The dresses, the coats and the boots were unmistakably inspired by glamorous LA it-girls. Which makes sense, because before Rachel Zoe permeated the scene, Pam and Gela were doing their thing. And it's clear that the designers tapped into their personal style, which incidentally inspired all of the girls who we know will want to wear this stuff. Among them Theodora Richards (hands down my favorite It-girl), who walked the runway and modeled in a very sexy video that played in the background.

The Pieces We Want: Duh, fur. And sign me up for that sheer skirt, a pair of pointy-toe booties and a mid-length coat, please. And a blazer. And a red mini dress that won't look nearly as good on me as it did on Theodora. Maybe "Ruby Tuesday" was a song about her.

Pam and Gela—I think you are everything and am seriously psyched to have you back on the scene. Not that you ever left my teenage heart—no—long live the Juicy velour jumpsuit!

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