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Snap Poll: Do You Match Your Eyeshadow to Your Outfit?

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First, let’s clarify: there are only two ways to match your eye shadow to your outfit— subtly, and not. There’s no gray (or purple, or pink, or green) area in between. And today, I’m talking about that second kind of coordination, where the look’s intentional and striking. Does it work?

My first thought was that coordinating eye shadow to an ensemble is horribly passé, like something my mom would’ve done in the '70s, or my older sister in the '90s (perhaps with bright velvet overalls?).

But then I realized how many wardrobe staples and makeup looks I’ve stolen from those exact decades, coining them “throwbacks” rather than outdated trends. The only difference is my intent, as if a simple knowing wink separates a past-prime fad from something that’s subversive and cool.

So why couldn’t that logic work for matchy-matchy eye makeup? It's certainly dramatic, and compared to the ubiquitous red dress/red lipstick combo, it's a much fresher way to keep a color story going.  To be totally honest, I think if I saw someone preternaturally cool and gritty (Elle Fanning, Chloë Sevigny) try it out, I'd probably just assume they meant their eye makeup to be a bit ironic, fun and nostalgic—like glittery rainbow nail polish or stiff, faded denim. And yeah, I'd be a lot more willing to try it too. Maybe I wouldn't go as heavy-handed as the Etro model at left, but try a more gentle—yet still obvious—sweep of powder on my lids. Would you try it too? Or are you already two steps ahead of me?

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