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Stella McCartney Teams Up With PETA

For almost two decades, both vegan and carnivore fashion girls have coveted pieces from Stella McCartney's eco and animal-friendly label.

In the past, the lifelong vegetarian has stayed relatively quiet about her beliefs, choosing to let her work speaking for itself—but that all changed this week. In partnership with PETA, McCartney appears in this graphic video, enumerating the cruelties of leather production, which include throat-slitting, de-horning and cramped quarters.

The film was originally set to play in New York City taxis during Fashion Week, to catch the attention of editors and bloggers racing between shows. However, after being rejected by the cab companies, it's rolling out as a viral online campaign.

The entire endeavor is a radical change from the activist group's past "I'd Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur" images. And in our opinion, much more effective. We're pretty used to seeing mostly naked celebrities in our line of work. But watching cows being tortured to make purses? That's slightly more disturbing. We've included the video below and suggest you check it out for yourself. But full disclosure: it's not an uplifting thing to watch, so be prepared to see some pretty upsetting things.

If Stella's message is enough to make you join Team Pleather, we've found a couple of "faux" options to add to your wardrobe. Even if you aren't ready to give up your favorite suede boots, it doesn't hurt to dabble, right? Check them out in the slideshow below.

What do you think about Stella McCartney's video and her choice to not use leather or fur in her products? Do you wear either of these materials and if so, does this footage cause you to re-think your choice?

Your favorite bag style is just as cute cruelty-free.

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