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The Girls (and Boys!) With the Fashion Tattoos

Fashion people take their tattoos pretty seriously. Since they spend their days scrutinizing moodboards and lookbooks, the style set approaches body art with the same critical eye. These things don't wash off like a poor eye shadow choice, you know?

But from what we've seen, all that obsessing pays off. The fashion tats we've spotted lately range from crazy intricate to graphic and bold—and all of them are incredibly cool. In the slideshow below we've asked some of our favorite inked up editors/designers/PR people to share their tattoos with us—plus the thoughts and stories behind them.

What do you think of the designs? Do they make you want to go under the needle?


Betsey Johnson

Fashion Designer

"Hong Kong 1974, in a seedy, teeny tiny mall in a tiny tattoo shop with a big black crow in a cage and a 12 year old tattoo artist. It was colored in bright red with a black outline. In that time zone, the lightning bolt was my favorite image—very poof-pow-bam, electricity!!!"


Sidney Prawatyotin

Vice President of Fashion at Krupp Group

"Put a bird on it."


Pamela Love

Jewelry Designer

"All of my tattoos have significant meaning for me—it's a wonderful way to remember something forever. Plus finger tattoos make you look like a badass."


Kaelen Haworth

Fashion Designer, KAELEN

top: "It means where the fates carry us. It's Quo Fata Ferunt. It's the Bermuda motto. Simon [my husband] and I have the same one. The other one I also share with my two brothers. I like shared tattoos."

bottom: "It's the name of my family's boat when we were growing up—a combination of me and my brother's names. TRAVis-kaeLEN-MATT. I got the short end of the stick."


John Moore

Creative Director of Pretty Penny Stock and Head Designer at Quiksilver Women

"I started my affair with ink after a trip to the Angoon area of Alaska with my father back in '91, and ever since then, my tattoos reflect different times in my life, the places that I have visited and the people that I love. I have a palm tree on my left forearm that was a reminder of California when I was spending a lot of time in Ohio, and the peony on the inside of my right bicep happens to be my girlfriend's favorite flower so it has an 'H' in the middle for her. And not that I need a reminder, but both of my children's names are on each wrist."


Chris Benz

Fashion Designer

"I drew the ocean wave on a napkin at Coffee Shop while doodling and thought it would make a great tattoo! The CB monogram is also good because it's classic enough not to tire of."


Johan Lindeberg

Fashion Designer, BLK DNM

"My daughter Blue was 8 years old and she was allowed to draw on her walls when we lived in a house in L.A. for six months. I've never really been a tattoo guy but when I saw this face on her wall I immediately felt like I had to put it on my arm. I contacted the legendary tattoo artist Mark Mahoney at Shamrock tattoo on Sunset Boulevard and he happened to receive a last-minute cancellation. I went there the same day in June 2009. Mark really thought it was beautiful and at the same time challenging; the drawing was in charcoal and he had never done anything similar before."


Meritt Elliott

Stylist and co-founder of CURRENT/ELLIOTT

“I got this small cross the night of [my late husband] Kevin's funeral. It reminds me he's with me every step of my life.”


Garrett Munce

Fashion Editor

top: "I got the peacock sleeve because I thought it was a funny way to express my life in fashion without being too obvious since male peacocks are the colorful pretty ones."

bottom: "I got the hanger when I was the fashion closet assistant at W magazine. It's the exact hanger that we used."

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