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Hong Kong Shopping Guide: The Cool Stuff

On top of an amazing dining scene and killer nightlife, Hong Kong is known above all as a major international shopping destination. From local shops to a ginormous teentastic Forever 21 to a seemingly infinite number of luxury boutiques (nine Chanels, seven Louis Vuittons and 10 Guccis, if you’re keeping count)–it’s a retail addict’s paradise.

Recently, I went on vacation to this amazing city with no plan other than to shop and explore. And to my surprise, on my first morning there, Hong Kong kind of broke me. After dodging the dense crowds of frenzied tourists and meandering residents and realizing that I can hit H&M at home (plus, Lanvin is out of my budge both in the States and abroad), all I wanted was a quiet, chill neighborhood to peruse at my leisure. Thank goodness my friend told me about this little pocket of the Wanchai District, otherwise known as Sun/Moon/Star Streets.

The area is easily accessible from the Pacific Place luxury mall, should you need an escape. It was like a little hipster oasis of boutique shopping. And PS: if you find yourself in need of a break, stop into Chez Patrick for some free wifi and a lovely glass of Sancerre. Click through the slideshow below for a tour.

Daydream Nation

Opened as a creative artist collective by two sisters, Daydream Nation stocks its own deconstructed and architectural Harajuku girlish house label, plus womenswear, bags and accessories from London, Paris and Seoul, Korea. I spotted Peter Jensen dresses, Eley Kishimoto shoes and really cute jewelry pieces.