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The Tattoo Manicure by Valley Nails

Tattoo Art nails by Valley With My Reece Hudson Clutch

I'd like to call my first nail art experience a success. I changed my mind so many times. The nail technician, Karen, was very patient. (It's not my fault that they have 50 different shades of green glitter.) Deciding against exotic fruit nails, I went with black gels—I'll explain what gel nails are in a second—with green ombré glitter and tattoo art.

Points for creativity, I hope? In my opinion, that's what the nail art game is all about. The crazier the better. Lately I've seen everything from fast food-inspired to Comme Des Garcons "play" nails. The nail game is AWN and Valley Nails on Elizabeth Street is the place to get it did. I haven't seen a beauty craze like this since the body glitter phenomenon of '01.

This chick Karen is basically a genius with a really tiny brush. That tattoo art you see has been PAINTED on my nails. Stencils are for sissies. They don't call it art for nothing. These ladies are true artists and nails are their medium. The gel nail technique uses what I like to call a magical drying machine and a super special nail paint. After each coat is applied (quite expertly, Karen is crazy good with a polish brush) you stick your hand in the magic machine and your nails dry instantly. That way the next coat can be applied immediately. It's a pretty awesome way to make sure yours nails don't smudge. No one likes smudginess.

Maybe we'll all look back and wonder what we were thinking, but right now nail art is the thing to do. I'm almost upset that I got the gel nails—they last for three weeks—because my weird little brain is already dreaming up new ideas for my next Valley manicure. Wu Tang symbols? Outer space? Karen can do ANYTHING. For real. Who wants to come with me to my next appointment? I don't shut up and Karen is too focused to talk while she works.

NAIL ART IS THE BEST. Call 212-274-8985 to book an appointment.

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