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Everybody loves a good hoodie. Jack Spade's version is soft like those puppies from the laundry commercials and will last him 'til the end of days, or at least until you guys break up. In which case you can just steal it back…muahahahaha. All is fair in love and hoods.

What better way to show your love than with a print of a bed? Hugo Guinness' work provides a great introduction to art and would make a fine addition to an already well-rounded collection. If the bed print isn't a strong enough message, there's also one of handcuffs. Whatever floats your artistic boat.

This is a giant Hershey's Kiss filled with even more Hershey's Kisses. No further explanation is required.

You don't have to be a film buff or even fluent in French to appreciate this book from Taschen. It's chock full of images from the moody sets of various film noir flicks, and is fit for any man's coffee table.

For the low, low price of $19.99, you can give him his very own copy of Drive. It's not exactly a romantic film, so I wouldn't expect a cuddly night on the couch with this one. What you can expect is a huge adrenaline rush—and what happens with that is out of my hands.

No, this cannabis candle doesn't smell like drugs. It actually smells woodsy, buttery and delicious. So buttery and delicious that it makes me hungry—how peculiar. Anyway, it easily masks whatever weird odors it's up against, and I highly recommend it.

Grooming products are one of the most annoying things in the world to restock. You're sitting there in the bathroom, and you realize, "Oh crap, I only have enough shaving cream for half of my face." And then you're forced to decide which half of your face to shave. It's like choosing which side of the black & white cookie to eat—there is no right answer, and you're doomed either way. So go ahead and save your man from a morning grooming crisis with this handy-dandy set from Kiehl's.

I know this appears to be plain old toothpaste, but it's so much more! With this magical substance, you'll give him the confidence of fresh breath, pearly whites and kisses that don't invoke your gag reflex. See what I mean? Toothpaste—good toothpaste—is actual a modern marvel. Who cares about space travel?

Having trouble making ends meet? This "One Hour of Lovin'" coupon will never go unused and won't cost you a penny.