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Valentine's Day Special: In Which I Go to L.A., See The Vow, and Get a Lot of Romance

Courtesy of Ralph Lauren Fragrances

I’m not really one for a romantic movie—I cried during the Notebook because I’m human, but in general, they make me want to scream at the screen: “This would never actually happen! And a copywriter wouldn’t make enough money to live in an apartment that big!”

Nevertheless, I scored tickets to the premiere of the Vow in L.A. and went without hesitation because I love Rachel McAdams (she’s on my list of “we could be friends!” celebrities), love a Kate Somerville facial, and I’ve never actually been to a major, major movie premiere (I’ve been to a made-for-TV movie premiere, which is, unsurprisingly, totally different).

I arrived in L.A., got my very-necessary facial (so that my skin could compete with McAdams’ goddess-sheen), bought a Valentine’s Day present for myself at XIV Carats, and attended a pre-premiere cocktail party thrown by Ralph Lauren Romance, the official fragrance sponsor of the Vow. Once at the theater, the throng of people and police made Times Square look like a quiet farm in the countryside.

My friend, who lives in L.A., told us to just walk the carpet: “Everyone in L.A. just walks the carpet, no big deal. It’s not like you’re posing.” But I freaked out and my friend ended up walking halfway down the carpet by herself before realizing she was alone and ran back…incredibly embarrassed and obviously not happy with me.

I won’t give away the movie except to tell you that it’s based on a true story, it will make you cry, Rachel McAdams’ hair is a little crazy so prepare yourself, and Channing Tatum’s charm is obvious in this film because he adorably cuddles with a kitten, which is as good as him stripping down to his boxer-briefs, Chippendales-style (for those who've been living under a rock, what he did before he was famous).

The after-party was just across the street at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Romance (the feeling and the perfume) filled the air. Hundreds of pink roses tumbled about along with a gigantic wedding cake (which no one ate—it was L.A., after all). When I left, Channing was still partying down behind a roped off area reserved for his family and friends. Rachel was gone. I imagined her home early, in her pajamas, watching HGTV and being all...normal. Which also happens to be my plans for Valentine's Day. Channing is of course welcome—especially if he could bring that kitten. 

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