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Valentino's New Fragrance and a Commercial Starring Freja Beha

Valentino creative directors Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pier Paolo Piccioli have done an incredible job of reinterpreting the brand in a way that's feminine, current and yet still consistent with its iconic image. All of that is evident in their refreshing spring collection—and in a new fragrance, Valentina.

As we speak, I'm covered in Valentina (I agreed to test out not only the spray, but the body oil and the shimmer lotion) and can report back that it smells SO pretty. It's mainly jasmine, orange blossom and wild strawberries with notes of bergamot and vanilla. Perhaps its most unique component is Alba truffles—it's almost definitely the first time white truffles have been incorporated into perfume. Only the Italians could dream up such genius. (They were initially thinking caviar, but decided it was too fishy!)

The story behind the new perfume is a woman who has lived la dolce vita, embracing it, yet rebelling against it at the same time. It's also inspired by the city of Rome, of course. Freja Beja—the face of the new campaign—is a rather perfect muse for the whole project. She has that modern boyish, yet still feminine thing going on that captures pretty much everything I strive to be. Watch her in action in this beautiful new commercial. Warning—it may tempt you to book a flight to Rome. Or, at the very least, a reservation at an Italian restaurant.


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