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Watch Keds' New Campaign Video and Download Its Insanely Catchy Soundtrack

In Keds' new campaign video, there are kites, bikes, inner tubes, canoes and giant chessboards. There are also Keds (of course), models and an infectious, upbeat soundtrack, which you can download here.

But the essential element of this campaign is how the models wear the shoes. Because unlike Chanel's gymnastic-themed campaign or Carven's track-focused ads, Keds' sporty, playful campaign video doesn't just make us happy, it also makes sense.

While those simple sneakers work well in polished outfits (with sundresses, printed pants, whatever), they're also the obvious choice for picnics, concerts or basically anything on grass or in crowded bars. Keds look good, are ridiculously comfortable and machine washable. So there's no ironic fantasy element—it's just how people actually wear the sneakers (well, if they're impossibly good-looking, and always, always laughing).

Watch it below, then check out Keds collaboration with Madewell, which just became available yesterday:

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