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Wedding Gifts for When You Can't Afford Anything on the Registry

If an engaged couple doesn’t really care about their registry, we prefer searching elsewhere for the wedding present. Mostly because we can't often afford the gifts on the registry. But also because it's more fun to unearth a quirky-but-amazing kitchen appliance or a personalized, sentimental trinket.

So even if the bride and groom-to-be say, “Please, please don’t deviate from our registry!” you should probably ignore them and buy something from the slideshow below. Each wonderful gift is under $100, and they're all awesome. And clearly the couple is just so busy with wedding planning that they don't know what's best for them. (A fondue set, for instance.)

Silhouette Mugs

Cooler than most of the monogrammed stuff they'll be getting, these custom mugs will start the couple's mornings with a smile.

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