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Whitney Houston: It's Been One Day Since Her Death and She's All Over eBay

While we spent last night mourning Whitney Houston's sudden and tragic death by Googling her best music videos and humming "I Will Always Love You," other fans took to eBay. Right now, searching her name on the bidding website yields nearly 10,000 results featuring Whitney-themed memorabilia—some for pretty extravagant prices.

Surprisingly, the priciest items on auction are domain names, such as "In Memory of Whitney Houston.com" or "Whitney Houston Heart Attack.com," the later priced at a staggering $21,000,000. We don't completely understand the thought process behind this—what exactly would a person do after procuring such a url?

There are also a number of artistic tributes (such as this gemstone piece for $25,000, here), clothing (this seller has one of the performer's tour dresses for $800, here) and signed posters (we actually really like this one, uhh, just not for $1,999!). Of course, for the Whitney fan on the budget, there are plenty of old cds and cassette tapes that won't set you back more than $10 or $20. Still, it kind of makes you regret donating your copy of "My Love Is Your Love" to your family's yardsale ten years ago, right?

Do you want to buy a piece of Whitney Houston history to remember her by? Or is hitting up the ITunes store for some retro tracks the best way to honor her?

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