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Why I Love Fashion Shows

As the lights inside David Koch Theater at Lincoln center blared to an almost-blinding intensity and the music swelled to a cinematic decibel, Coco Rocha began her slow, purposeful descent down the runway at Zac Posen. Her hair was slicked back and sculpted into an awesome if not gravity-defying pose (with help from John Frieda Luxurious Volume Extra Hold hairspray) and her lips were painted such a gorgeously sanguine red (Mac Pro Crimson and Red lipmix blended with Mac Pro gloss texture) that they nearly rivaled the spectacularness of her elaborate eye makeup—a beautiful cat-eye-smoky-eye fusion. That very first speed-of-light moment is the be-all and end-all for me.





The first girl steps out and is instantly, intensely illuminated, and, in a flash, you take in the colors on her face and the shape of her hair and the impression of her outfit—and before you can process whether or not you like what you’re seeing or it’s a garish horror, you’re just totally awestruck by the overall grandiosity of those blinding lights, with that blaring music and that awesome lip color that’s so bright and vivid it seems that you could see it from outer space.

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