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My New Sprinkles Cupcake Obsession

Magnolia—the bakery that has thwarted a thousand diets—has some serious competition…and its name is Sprinkles. I was first acquainted with the delicious cupcake brand, albeit indirectly, through my friend Sloan Lindemann Barnett. Last spring when she co-chaired the ABT spring Benefit at Lincoln Center, Sloan seated me by former investment bankers Candace and Charles Nelson, the masterminds behind Sprinkles.

After the event I had to try some for myself and then...I was hooked. Sprinkles are not only homemade but unbelievably moist and fresh—a new batch is baked daily. Still, nothing ever goes to waste: every night the extras are delivered and donated to fire houses. Right now, I'm obsessed with the red velvet and milk chocolate flavors but the strawberry is also yummy.

The company has stores in California and NYC, you can find a location near you on its website, here. But, for all you out-of-towners, William Sonoma carrys a special "Sprinkles mix", order it here to bake your own treats at home.

Have you tried Sprinkles cupcakes? If so, which flavor is your favorite?

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