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Libertine Fall 2012: Sweet Mother of Pearl

Fairchild Archive

The Scene: Highlands discotheque, anyone? Designer Johnson Hartig, who only relaunched his collection last year, blended utilitarian, outdoorsy silhouettes with embellishments that were anything but.

The Soundtrack: A jazzed-up remix of Lykke Li's "I Follow Rivers" was the perfect tune to get the models grooving during their collective, joyous final walk.

The Look: Checked coats and capes were sprinkled with mother-of-pearl discs, silver studs and glimmering crystals by the thousands. Meanwhile, each model wore a pair of neon, lace-overlaid ankle boots finished with even more sparkling stones—a collaborative effort between Libertine and Jean-Michel Cazabat. In short, this was not a collection for wallflowers.

Pieces We Want: The last several coats shown were done in deep blue bouclé and embellished with silver beadwork in the shape of tree branches (or perhaps veins). They provided a nice palate cleanser after Hartig's parade of disco-tinged outerwear.

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