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Lindsay Lohan is Hosting Saturday Night Live on March 3—But What Should She Wear?

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Lindsay Lohan has dealt with everything from court orders to stints in rehab recently, but it seems as though things finally may be looking up for the girl who stole our hearts in The Parent Trap and Mean Girls. NBC has announced that the 25-year-old actress will be hosting Saturday Night Live on March 3, along with musical guest Jack White. She's played hosting duties three times since 2004, and if her past roles in "Debbie Downer" and Harry Potter-themed sketches are any indication, this episode will definitely be worth watching.

Considering her past legal and familial woes, however, Lohan will need to impress the audience with appearance the night of her big SNL gig. We've gathered a few completely respectable—and immediately shoppable—options for her consideration. (And yours.)

Last time Lohan wore a Kimberly Ovitz design out in public—to a court appearance, no less—the long-sleeved body-con dress immediately sold out across the country. Perhaps lightning could strike twice with this slightly drapier, more demure maxi-dress.

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