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Shop It Out: Drive

So Oscar nominations are officially out. And happy as we are to see some of our favorite folks and films on the Academy's list (Rooney, The Artist and Midnight in Paris, we're talking to you), there was one flick that was sorely snubbed: Drive.

Sure, it got a nod for Sound Editing, but we felt the neo-noir thriller about a brooding stuntman/getaway driver deserved far more love. Starring Ryan Gosling as the lone-wolf lead and Carey Mulligan as his lady love, the film's got action, moody cinematography and one hell of a good soundtrack. And while Drive might not have gotten enough attention from the Academy, it's finally out on DVD today—so do yourself a favor and pick it up. And then check out some of the stylish Driver-approved items below.

While exact replicas of the scorpion-embroidered bomber jacket Ryan wears in the film are tough to find, this ridiculously chic alternative by Stella McCartney fits the bill, too.

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