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"Last March, my husband and I went to St. Barts to celebrate our 10th anniversary, and I just fell in love with the place. It has this sort of European flair while still feeling casual, low-key and serene. From a color and textural standpoint, I found the islands just so inspiring, so this season's collection started there."

"With their pebbled texture, these green bags reflect the islands' colorful sand. And at the hotel we were staying at in St. Barts, there was a little white hut outside the resort that had this green patinaed door—so the coloration you see here is heavily inspired by that, too."

"I love how this three-pocket utilitarian bag sort of wraps around the side of your body when you carry it. It has a main zip compartment, but the idea is that you put the few things you can't live without in those three outer pockets."

"Gryson will never be an 'uber-lady brand,' but this season, I wanted to go back those clean-lined, angular shapes that are classically feminine."

"My daughter Olivia only just turned nine, but I already have all these bags in storage that I'm saving for her to wear one day. She even designed one little bag herself, this little drawstring one. She's already interested in fashion and the whole design process!"

"Throughout my whole career, I've always referred to bags as "her" or "she." And between my own daughter, all my nieces and the fact that all my close friends have little girls of their own...I thought that since i have all these girls in my life, I should start naming my bags after the ones who are special to me. At this point, I've probably named over 100 bags after girls I know. And I try to connect each girl to a bag that truly reflects her personality."

"What's next in terms of bags? I think that everybody's trying to minimalize these days, so smaller cross-body styles are making a comeback. People have definitely been trying to streamline and scale back the amount of stuff they carry around from day to day."