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So much cooler—not to mention more anatomically-correct—than your everyday heart-shaped pendant.

But since it's not Valentine's Day without a heart or two, why not mix them in amongst nautical stripes?

Lips and a tiny pearl seemingly floating around your finger? We can't imagine anything cooler.

These very chocolates were served at the Royal Wedding. We'll gladly take a royal recommendation.

Gorgeous snapshots of the world's most romantic city.

These blooms will last far longer than any run-of-the-mill bouquet.

There's something so simply beautiful—not to mention romantic—about a rose-cut diamond.

A ridiculously alluring fragrance meets crazy-chic packaging.

Hey, Cupid—we're right over here.

She'll want to wear this long after V-Day's over.

The cutest clip-on baubles we've ever spotted.

Pampering oneself is part of the V-Day DNA.

Rohearte! Get it?!

Prove to her that she's your sun and your moon.

Short of actually spending more time with her, a cute timepiece makes for a sweet (and useful) gift.

It's lip service—literally.