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We Chatted With Coco Rocha About Facebook, Gadgets and the Dreaded 'Duck Face'

Canadian supermodel Coco Rocha skyrocketed to fashion-world fame after she Irish-jigged her way down Jean Paul Gaultier's Fall 2007 runway. But millions of trips down the catwalk, several Tumblr relaunches and impressive Facebook expansions later, she's arguably one of the most digitally-savvy figures in the fashion industry. In between her charity work, runway jobs and editorial gigs, the brunette beauty somehow finds time to blog and Tweet on a daily basis, and we recently called her up to get the scoop on why she loves the online world so much.

So Coco, which actually came first—your blog or your Facebook page?

I started using Facebook right off the bat as a way to keep up with friends, just like anyone else my age would. And when my modeling career took off, I started getting lots of friend requests from fans, so I eventually launched a fan page. But that's when it clicked for me: fans don't want to be just "fans," they want to be friends. It's so much more personal that way. But the problem was that Facebook used to cut you off at 5,000 friends, and I wanted to accept everybody.

Is that how you felt about people you admired, too? Who did you want to accept your friend request?

Elizabeth Taylor. I would have LOVED to be her friend.

How did the introduction of Timeline change everything for you?

I got so excited when Timeline was introduced, because it went back to my original beliefs about what Facebook should be—a network of friends, not a place for fan pages. Timeline lets me keep my group of personal friends—the ones I grew up with, who know all my secrets—and gives them access to all my photos and info. But at the same time, it lets me share things with my fans and really make them a part of my life.

You're also involved with Pose and Pinterest now, thanks to the whole Timeline revamp. What makes you decide if a particular outfit you're wearing is Pose-worthy?

Well, you have to be comfortable in it, first and foremost. If you're not comfortable wearing a Givenchy jacket, you're gonna look like a crazy person. And if you've got the right attitude, you can make H&M look like couture.

How much of your day to you devote to your digital projects?

I'm on facebook every single day. It's the first thing I check in the morning. Twitter comes next, and then my Tumblr after that.

Let's turn the tables around a bit. Who do you actively follow on Facebook?

You know what? I actually don't keep up with many fashion-industry people. Just my friends, really—that's how I grew up using facebook, and it's how I continue to see it, as something personal. So I use it to check up on my homegirls! I like to see who's dating whom, and what everyone's been up to.

Yesterday, you took over Facebook's entire Celebs page and posted a hilarious video on how to pose for the perfect profile picture. How did you think of that idea?

I worked on that one with my husband James—we didn't want to take it too seriously, but I did want to offer some actual advice in there. You see me demonstrating different angles to show what's most flattering, and addressing the issue of "the duck face." I don't understand why so many girls pout like that in their profile picture. They think it looks sexy, but seriously, you just end up looking like a duck.

You've been super busy throughout Fashion Week...not only are you walking in shows, but you're covering them for your blog and Facebook page, too. Are you going to treat yourself to anything once the week's over?

I never buy myself clothes, but I'm a sucker for gadgets. I've heard the iPad 3 is going on sale soon...and even though I just got the second-generation one, I'm gonna need to get that. Even if it takes me "accidentally breaking" my current one.

Check out Coco's posing tutorial below, where she addresses everything from how to use a chair resourcefully to why you shouldn't attempt a moody MySpace-type angle. Props on those '80s graphic, Coco. Now, if only we could hire Kaiser Karl to take our next profile photo.

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