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10 Pieces That Will Take You From Winter to Spring

Daylight Saving Time starts this weekend and—like clockwork—I'm already starting to shift away from my boots, sweaters and knit hats. Instead, I'm itching to wear leather sandals, tiny shorts, crepe-thin dresses or anything that whispers "wear me on spring break."

Of course, this is partially (largely?) because I want it to be warm enough to wear those things. It's stupid to hope that buying summer clothes will spark the weather to match my new wardrobe, but I do it anyway. Since it doesn't really work like that, though, maybe I should invest in some more transitional pieces instead. So I'm eyeing the pieces in the slideshow below.

They're not the kind of things that need a crazy amount of imagination to work (sandals with tights! sundresses with turtlenecks!). Actually, I didn't have to think for more than a second to come up with both a cold- and a warm-weather outfit option for each item. And that's a good sign: dressing transitionally shouldn't feel like homework.

Utility Jacket

Wear It In Winter: Layered on top of thick sweaters

Wear It In Spring: As an intentionally baggy complement to flirty little dresses

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