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Alexa Chung Directs and Stars In This Superga Campaign

Alexa Chung, Superga's latest creative director, styles major ad campaigns with a bit of an irreverent verve.

As model, director and stylist for the classic sneaker company's new ads, Alexa kicks her Supergas up on a convertible's dashboard and mimes placing phone calls into their laces. Like Alexa's own eclectic outfits, the look is nonchalant and carefree. And further softened by that vintagey, Instagram-ish filter.

The whole thing feels as if a girl with a really good style blog just snapped some iPhone shots of herself over a long weekend. It's a casual vibe that's fitting for sneakers, of course—and one of the first times we can honestly say we barely noticed Alexa's clothes at all. But that's a good thing. Instead, we just want her shoes.

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