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Amanda Brooks Keeps Her Closet Perfectly Organized—Here's How

The Aesthete

Amanda Brooks may be exiting her role as vice president and fashion director of Barneys New York—a job she accepted only slightly over a year ago—but there's no question the fashion fixture will continue to inspire the way we dress. Brooks' wardrobe, which wavers between Palm-Beach-preppy and '70s-bohemian, has spawned tons of fans and made her a bona fide street style star. But as it turns out, she's got a specific routine to keeping her overflowing closet in check.

"I have a main closet built into my bedroom that is my current clothing," Brooks told Annabel Tollman of online mag The Aesthete. "At the end of the season, if I haven't worn something for a while, I have a secondary closet in my bathroom [that holds] off-season on one side and then purgatory on the other. If things are in purgatory for a year or two and haven't been worn, then pieces go to the basement which is the equivalent of hell, or they get given away."

We figured there might be a method to this style savant's madness. And we tend to agree with Brooks' approach—the "out of sight, out of mind" trick is indeed a good way to check whether or not a piece that's been hanging out in your closet is actually worth the space. For more on Brooks' style (plus some pretty pictures), check out her whole feature at Theaesthete.com.

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