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Here's an Entire Apartment Building Decorated by Missoni

We were seriously thrilled last year when we saw that Missoni had covered an actual bicycle in its signature zigzags as part of its lower-priced Target line. So you can imagine the uncontrollable glee we felt upon hearing the Italian label has decorated the interior of an entire apartment complex.

The 52-story condominium is called Acqua Livingstone (you can see pictures and a floorplan on its website) and is located in Manila, Philippines. Common areas—like the pool, lobby and gym—are already completely covered in multicolored patterns and residents can personalize their rooms to match. (Or not. But honestly, who would do that?) Everything opens in 2015 but—no doubt thanks to the stunning Missoni interiors—many units have already sold.

“We brought our colors and our style inside. It’s a happy, positive approach: summer colors, solar colors,” Missoni's Marketing Director Vittorio Missoni told The New York Times. “Coming from the outside you’re going to be surprised...it’s like opening a box and discovering something unexpected.”

If you would like to secure a space for yourself, you'll have to relocate to Asia and pay the asking price of $82,000. Alternatively, you can just shop our favorite Missoni Home picks in the slideshow below, all of which are available online. But if you do go for the fancy new condo, we're visiting—okay?