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Art and Fashion; Peas and Carrots

Spring 2012 brought us several collections inspired by fine art: There was Van Gogh at Rodarte and Picasso at Jil Sander. But this is hardly a new trend. The marriage between art and fashion has existed for decades. And although one could argue it goes further back, even to ancient times, the more literal examples began in 20th century Paris with the surrealists and the designer Elsa Schiaparelli.

Elsa Schiapiarelli and the Surrealists

Schiapiarelli was one of the first in the modern era to fuse fashion and art, beginning with surrealist master Salvador Dalí. Although she worked with other artists during her career, their pairing was the most significant. Together they created four iconic pieces: The Lobster Dress, The Tears Dress, The Skeleton Dress and The Shoe Hat.

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