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Ask a Dude: Where Can I Find Good Denim for Guys?

Dear Dude,

I love my boyfriend, but he wears Barack Obama-style mom jeans. He thinks spending more than $60 on any piece of casual clothing is totally crazy. Do you happen to have some ideas for a cool pair of, like, gateway jeans? I'm not going to be able to get him in $200 skinny selvedge denim—what are some affordable options that look good, too?

I'm happy to know that the love you have for your boyfriend extends past his horrible taste in denim. I've never heard of someone breaking up with her boyfriend because of his jeans and I hope I never will.

Anyway, we're talking gateway gear. Hopefully something so good that it sparks a desire to dress well or, at the very least, not embarrass you when you're out in public together.

When pitching the idea of a denim upgrade to your boyfriend, remind him that you're not trying to get him into skinny jeans, which will hopefully be the truth anyway. Skinny jeans on grown men look like, well, skinny jeans on grown men. We shouldn't go there. Ever. Instead, try a straight leg, or a slim straight leg at the most. This kind of cut is universal in making guys look good whilst providing the “breathing room” he's used from his current stonewashed monstrosities.

While he might not be high on selvedge and/or raw denim, or even be aware of its existence, I really think that's the direction you want to take. It's available in lots of different price points these days. Some things to mention to him beforehand:

1. Initially they will be really dark. That's good, because he'll be able to wear them pretty much with everything—with a shirt and tie to work, a tee on the weekends, etc.

2. Raw denim is stiff and takes time to break in
. But it's definitely worth it. It fades naturally and uniquely with your body.

Just like I would do with any raw denim rookie, I am going to point your boyfriend in the direction of A.P.C., the preppy French label that helped kick off this current raw denim craze. Their New Standard model (buy here for $175) is a straight leg jean that's perfect for a guy in denim transition. Impeach his Obama joints, pick these up and I promise that when you break up with your boyfriend, it won't be because of his jeans.

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