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Confirmed: Hedi Slimane Is Returning to YSL

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When Stefano Pilati officially left YSL last week, we suspected that Hedi Slimane might be poised for the spot. Today, WWD officially announces the designer's return to the French fashion house where he will assume "total creative responsibility for the brand image and all its collections."

Although Slimane has extensive experience in the industry (after his first stint at YSL running menswear, he made a name for himself creating über tailored suits at Dior Homme), this position marks his first foray into women's wear. He plans to simultaneously pursue his photography career and will almost undoubtedly shoot the YSL campaigns himself—much like Karl Lagerfeld does for Chanel.

So…just to recap this tumultuous season of huge industry switch-ups: Raf Simons left Jil Sander and will be replaced by the label's namesake (but we aren't quite sure why he left or where he is going), Slimane is taking over for Pilati at YSL and the Dior position is still wide open—and it won't be filled by Marc Jacobs. (Especially since he's doing so well at Louis Vuitton.) Wow, exhausting. What do you guys make of all this?

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