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Courtney from The Bachelor Has a Bad Attitude but Pretty Good Style

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Everyone hates Courtney Roberston, last night's Bachelor winner—except me.  Ben Flajnik (the Bachelor) is boring; I'd take a glass of wine from his vineyard over a date with him any day. But Courtney—the vegan model who "no guy appreciates"—she's reality TV material.

Courtney's whole act made Monday nights more interesting: her mainpulative antics with Ben and ridiculous cat fights with the girls, even her cloying, slightly demonic baby talk and that weird bunny twitch she does with her mouth. So I like her. Also—I like her outfits.

The other girls may have been sweeter, smarter, funnier; I trust someone somewhere is screaming "Kacie B"' at me. But let's just focus on the clothes. Most of the girls showed up for rose ceremonies dressed more for a beauty pagaent than a date. See below:

ABC via Getty Images

But instead of going all Toddlers and Tiaras on us, Courtney kept her cocktail dresses simple, tailored, slightly sexy. Kind of like Revenge's Emily Thorne, another favorite TV villan. (I DVR many, many things.)

And on daytime dates, Courtney was casual but memorable, wearing a white sun dress with flat boots when she took Ben home to meet her family, a flannel shirt and knit cap when they went fly-fishing, and a printed cover up and embellished sandals when they went to the beach.

But probably my favorite outfit was the knee-length black bustier dress Courtney choose for the first night. With everyone trying so hard to pick the most elaborate gown, her understated slip stood out the most. And yeah, it actually made me want a similar option for my real, non-televised life. To me, it seems like one of those rare things that's manages to be sort of fashion-y but also really classic, too. It's something that both guys and and girls easily like. (Unlike, say, Courtney.)

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