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Discover Your True Style Personality and Which Key Pieces You Need

To build a solid wardrobe, it's important to invest in timeless—not trendy—items. Picking the right staples, however, depends on your personal style. For instance, Kate Middleton and Lady Gaga are each considered modern fashion icons—but we're pretty positive that the two have very different ideas of what constitutes a "basic." However, they do have one important thing in common: both have trademark pieces they wear repeatedly.

Although you'd likely never wear heel-less boots and fascinators in your day-to-day life, there are surely other key items that are missing from your closet. To help you discover the clothes you should be buying, we've put together a quiz to determine your style personality. Simply answer the following questions and then click through the slideshow below to see which investment pieces best fit your fashion sense.

1. What is your pattern of choice?

a. Stripes.
Obviously. They always look good and I'll never get sick of them.
b. Paisley. I liked it when it was a throwback and I still like it now that Raf Simons has made it cool.
c. Plaid. The coziest way to stay fashionable!
d. Leopard. Not cheetah, though. Seriously, guys—there's a difference.

2. Who is your modern-day style icon?

a. Gwyneth Paltrow. Think about it: she wore head-to-toe white with a cape and made it look good.
b. Nicole Richie. How does she pull off all those caftans without looking dated? Genius.
c. Alexa Chung. What I wouldn't give to go vintage shopping with that girl.
d. Kate Moss. The reason I still buy Calvin Klein underwear, go shopping at Topshop and wear Rimmel mascara.

3. You're about to spend Sunday afternoon running errands around your neighborhood. What kind of sneakers are on your feet?

a. Keds. Clean, pristine and all-American. I also own a pair in navy.
b. TOMS. I really love that "One for One" thing they do. Plus, they sell them at Whole Foods so can buy a fresh pair while stocking up on quinoa and flax seeds!
c. Isabel Marant wedges. I'm like the kid from the "Pumped Up Kicks" song! Only I don't shoot anyone—I just wear cool shoes.
d. Converse. Nothing too crazy, though—I prefer plain black. With the right outfit, they can be just as sexy as stilettos.

4. It's Thursday night, 8pm. You are...

a. Enjoying intimate conversation with friends. We're at my apartment while sipping on wine.
b. Washing the dishes from my home-cooked dinner and packing up leftovers. Lunch will be SO GOOD tomorrow.
c. Getting a table at the hottest new restaurant in town. It's, like, impossible to get a reservation—but the maitre'd is my best friend's boyfriend's brother. So…you know.
d. Napping. Anywhere I want to go won't be fun until midnight, so I need to rest up.

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Since you gravitate toward a classic, almost preppy look, it's best to stock up on very traditional pieces. Once you have these, the fun begins: starting adding color with funkier accessories or juxtapose the buttoned-up basics with bedhead hair. Click through to shop the wardrobe staples that suit your style. 

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