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Funny Or Die: The Weird Science and Big Business of working girls in the breakfast club from Pantene

Resurrected Pantene products from the '80s kind of deserves a shout out this major. Due to an overwhelming amount of fan requests on their Facebook page, Pantene is bringing back several hair products that were previously discontinued.

In honor of the “Back by Popular Demand” campaign, an '80s spoof video with humor website Funny or Die was born. (This is the first time a beauty brand has ever done a video on that site.) Trust us, it's something that any '80s movie lover will appreciate. I was definitely that girl sitting on the couch spraying massive amounts of hairspray, trying to get my bangs to look like Alyssa Milano's on Who's the Boss, and watching Can't Buy Me Love. And if you weren't doing just that, I'm afraid you did not have a childhood.

Also, Funny Or Die is speaking at our Fashion & Beauty Blogger conference this year and we can't wait to hear what they have to say!

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