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Shop January Jones, Chloe Moretz and Amber Heard's Looks From Last Night's Metropolitan Opera Gala

Courtesy of KSW

The outfits from last night's Metropolitan Opera opening gala ranked high on the polished and ladylike scale: lots of column gowns, solid colors and simple jewelry. With its fitted bodice and floral belt, even Emma Roberts' jumpsuit had a grown-up, Carrie-Bradshaw-in-Paris feel.

Maybe it's just that the aggressive gold lamé and plunging cleavage of The Hunger Games premieres stamped themselves so heavily in my mind (partially, of course, because I still haven't seen the movie and am freaking out). But those dresses Amber Heard, Emmy Rossum and January Jones wore last night seem so, so refined.

Of course, it could just be that the outfits actually were that clean and polished. Either way, I liked it. On the rare occasion I've been invited to something with any of the followings words in its title—ballet, symphony, opera, gala, ball—I've stressed out about my outfit options. And since I plan on getting invited to a ton of ballets/symphonies/operas/galas/balls in the future (or, more realistically, to black-tie weddings of stiff family members and judgy friends), it'd be amazing to have some variation of what these girls wore last night to fall back on.

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Emmy Rossum

A punchy fuschia gown really doesn't need much else.

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Courtesy of KSW

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