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H&M Is Reportedly Launching a Luxury Brand—We Hope it Looks Like COS

Rumor has it that Hennes & Mauritz, the Swedish fashion company more commonly known as H&M, has a higher-priced line in the works. Designer Behnaz Aram, who joined the team just last year and is now in charge of the company's handful of other brands (including COS and Cheap Monday) would be heavily involved in the project. Though when questioned, H&M reps remained coy about the possibility of going in a more luxe direction.

"We are constantly looking at new ideas; it's a natural part of our work. However, there is nothing new that we can [talk] about for the moment," a company spokeswoman told WWD. We think that after the overwhelming success of H&M's collaborations with labels like Lanvin, Versace and Marni, an in-house luxury line doesn't seem all that farfetched. The question is: will customers be as drawn to H&M's costlier clothes if there's no established designer name attached to them?

For our part, we just hope the potential new line resembles the collections at COS, currently the highest-priced of the H&M family's multiple brands. (Currently, there are only stores in Europe.) For us, no trip overseas is complete without a visit to H&M's fancier cousin—and to be honest, we're not sure why COS hasn't opened Stateside. Take a look at some of the pieces currently available on the brand's e-commerce site below—which, sadly, only ships within the EU for the time being. (Maybe it's time to call up that German friend you made while studying abroad?)

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