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Haven Spa Has Hard Wax Now!

We've been saying for quite some time now that hard wax is the only way to wax, so we're so happy to announce that our favorite spa in New York is now on top of it. I'm especially happy, because I've been going to see Monique for Brazilian waxes at Haven for years and we're besties. It does cost a little bit more than the regular stuff, but if you're already paying for it, why not go for the real results.

Hard wax is more flexible and easier to control. It actually attaches to the hair as opposed to your skin. I won't bore you with how exactly, but I will say that the results are a trillion times better. Your skin will be less irritated, you'll have less ingrown hairs and if that isn't reason enough—it will last longer. If you have sensitive/thin skin or are prone to bleeding, hard wax is a much better option for you. It's so sensitive that you can go over the same area up to four times. With hot wax, the area would be too sensitive to even go near a second time.

One more tip: Monique recommends Prince Reigns ingrown hair serum as the best on the market right now. Part of getting the best results is remembering to use an ingrown hair serum twice a day, every single day. (I always forget, but I'm WORKING ON IT).

Next on my list of ways to pamper myself is the new hydra facial that they offer there. I've that heard celebrities have hydra machines in their homes and that it gets rid of blackheads! STAY TUNED.

If hard wax is your thing, too, stop by Haven to see my girl, Monique. Call 212-343-3515 to make an appointment.

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