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How We’d Spend the $98,000 Neiman Marcus Store Credit From Last Night’s GCB Premiere

Last night's premiere of ABC's new show, GCB, played heavily on Texan stereotypes (the Bible belt, Southern belles, the "bigger is better" attitude towards hairstyles, ridiculously expensive handbags, etc). But it isn't meant to be taken too seriously. It's fiction, after all.

Except one part, which seemed kind of realistic, actually. Since the show's set in Dallas—#16 on our list of best cities for shopping—it gives a fitting nod to Neiman Marcus, which was founded in the city.

When a secret admirer sends Leslie Bibb's character, Amanda, a new wardrobe from the department store (Lucky Haul: Creepy Stalker edition?), she exhanges it for store credit. All $98,000 of it. (It's not really that crazy, after all. Last year, American Express cardholders' biggest clothing purchases occured in Texan department stores.)

Anyway, back to that obsession-worthy store credit. It means, basically, Amanda could go on a Supermarket Sweep-style bender and grab all of these things—from a $23,000 sweater to a $60 laptop sleeve—currently in the store. Officially, they total $98,396, but understandably, we got a little carried away:

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