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How to Create Cleavage

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The women on our best celebrity cleavage list distract us with their chest-enhancing outfits so often, we’d almost assume their boobs just innately look that defined. But Sofia Vergara and Blake Lively have stylists, makeup artists and an arsenal of products at their disposal, and we're sure they use them to make their assets look their very best.

Rather than get wrapped up in the unfairness, we'll just steal their tips and tricks instead. For those less endowed, less perky, whatever, here's a road map to cleavage of the hard-earned variety. Like Cameron Diaz at the Oscars after party this year. She's famously joked about her small boobs before, but uh...

The Shortcuts

Let's start with obvious. You want cleavage, you stuff your bra: it works. This handy kit has fillers with a surprisingly lifelike consistency (creepy, but true), and double stick tape that will help it all stay put.

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