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The Entire Trump Family Sat Front Row at Ivanka Trump's Clothing Line Debut

Donald Trump, Ivanka Trump, Jared Kushner and Bonnie Brooks, President of Lord & Taylor (They totally cropped Ivana out!) Photo Credit: Patrick McMullan

It was a family affair last night at New York City's Lord & Taylor flagship when accessories designer/real estate executive/reality TV judge Ivanka Trump launched a ready-to-wear line with her first-ever runway show.

Proud father Donald was there, schmoozing suit-wearing execs and a pair of model-pretty girls, as were his sons Donald Jr. and Eric. (Melania must have been home with little Barron.) Everyone posed for pictures, but the flashbulbs really started popping when mamma Ivana strolled in. Bucking fashion show tradition, Ivanka sat front row with her Dad, who was strategically separated from his ex by son-in-law Jared Kusher and Lord & Taylor president Bonnie Brooks.

"Obviously this is my first collection, so I wanted it to be a sampling of my aesthetic generally," Ivanka told us as people found their seats. "So you see the work, you see the weekend, you see everything in between. We have some great cocktail dresses, as well as some unbelievable tweeds and beautiful suits for the office. We have some great knits that can be for either work or the weekend. It was very important that we really create a true story and a true lifestyle."

I have to admit that I kept getting distracted by what the Trump family members were doing across the runway. Eric looked like he was genuinely having a good time, Donald Jr. was all business and at one point Donald Sr. starting having a full-on conversation with Ivanka. Based on what I've seen of The Apprentice, I'll assume he was offering some sort of no-holds-barred critique. But then, supportive mom Ivana reached over Kushner and Brooks to give Ivanka what looked to be an encouraging word.

When the show ended, guests had the option of purchasing the items right away and most jumped at the chance. I was tempted by a white and navy pinstriped scallop-edged shorts suit, a summery white eyelet dress and an army green and khaki blocked trench. Instead, I asked Ivanka if there are any celebrities she'd like to see in her designs.

"There are definitely [celebs] that I relate to in terms of their style," she answered. "Gwyneth Paltrow is one of them. I think she has very impeccable style. But truthfully, the times I get most excited aren't when the celebrities are wearing my clothing or my jewelry. It's when I'm at an appearance like this one and I get to talk to people who say they wore my shoes at their wedding or they nailed a job interview because they felt polished and chic and put-together in one of my suits. Those are the stories that are really exciting to me."

But leave it to her father, Donald Trump himself, to give the biggest sales pitch as to why we should all buy Ivanka Trump's clothing designs: "Because it's the absolute finest in fashion at a reasonable price. Okay?"

Click through the slideshow below to start shopping Ivanka Trump's looks (and they're on sale!).

Ivanka wore this outfit to the runway show. Do you think she bought it on sale?