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Karl Lagerfeld Launches a Blog: Quotes From the Kaiser (Plus His Favorite Shops and Hotels)

Karl always books a room at The Mercer.

Despite his ever-growing presence in the fashion (and regular!) world, Karl Lagerfeld remains something of a mystery to us. No one really knows what he's thinking behind those impenetrable black sunglasses, which makes his daily life is a source of constant fascination—even the most mundane details. Some of our Kaiser questions will forever remain unanswered, but the rest are addressed on designer's new blog: World of Karl.

Part of a bigger website, which includes e-commerce for his eponymous "kollection" (unfortunately this doesn't ship to the USA yet, but you can shop the line here, on Net-a-porter.com), the page offers a behind-the-scenes look at Lagerfeld's life. Divided into five sections, the first three—"Art & Culture," Editions," and "Fashion"—feature Karl's latest projects and media appearances. The second two areas, "Karl Says" and "Places" put a more intimate focus on the designer by featuring original quotes as well as his favorite places to shop and stay. (He always books a room at The Mercer in New York City.)

There's still so much we'd love to know about the man behind Chanel (And Fendi. And these wine bottle labels. Oh, and these watches!), but this is a wonderfully entertaining start. Click here to start Karl-stalking now.

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