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Like a Virgin, Ray of Light That Is at the End of the Day, Just a Material Girl

Madonna—aside from continually being awesome—has a lot of things to celebrate right now. Her new album, MDNA, dropped this week. The crowd has literally gone wild. (I know this because I sit next to an active member of her fan club at work). Plus her new fragrance, Truth or Dare by Madonna (BEST MOVIE EVER, RIGHT?), will be at Macy's counters come May.

Today, Fashionista reported that the commercial for Truth or Dare was just yanked for being "to sexy for TV." So obviously we'll link to it here. As Fashionista editor Leah Chernikoff put it: "The video, which leaked online yesterday, shows Madonna doing what Madonna does: writhing around in corsets and fishnets and some bondage gear." Sorry major TV networks, but please let this artist live!

To further celebrate her new fragrance, here are a few more quintessential shots of Madonna. Enjoy—you know you will.

In the beginning...there was brassy blonde, dark lips and major headbands.


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