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Lucky Haul: Tweed Jacket Edition

I wouldn't trust me if I heard this either, but I seriously wasn't even trying to shop when this jacket found its way into my life. After a work event at Bloomingdale's last weekend, I committed my eyes to tunnel vision, intent on finding the exit and tucking myself into a cab.

But in an honest search for the escalators, my peripheral vision caught this mixed media jacket by DKNY...and then the "60 percent off" sign next to it. A little later I was trying the jacket on, imagining how its colorful tweed and denim mix would make outfits I'd usually deem kind of dull way more interesting. (It seemed like the remedy for those outfits that are fine until you bump into an ex or that really judgy friend on the street, and cower at your own blandness.) Soon enough, I was handing my debit card over to the cashier.

I felt a little guilty about such an impulse—even if it was 60 percent off—until yesterday. Wearing the jacket over a gray sweatshirt and leather leggings, I was heading to meet my friends for dinner when a woman started jogging down the street after me, weaving her stroller through the crowds and a crosswalk in the process.

When she caught up to me I expected her, for instance, to fork over the wallet that had slipped out of my bag unnoticed, ask for the nearest hospital or, you know, explain her urgent self. Instead she just wanted to know where I bought my jacket. Which means yeah, I might be a little worried about that baby, but I feel pretty good about the jacket.

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