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Lucky Stars: Elizabeth Olsen Makes Us Want a Pant Suit

Getty Images

It's not Elizabeth Olsen's fault, entirely—I've been wanting a pant suit for a while now, due to a cornucopia of reasons: Alexa Chung wearing one to the Met ball two years ago, the emergence of Rachel Zoe's suiting-heavy clothing line, and all the '70s references in last month's fashion shows (yo, Prada).

But the pant suit that Elizabeth Olsen just wore is kicking me in the pants (har, har) to finally buy one. For a Today Show taping last week, Elizabeth wore a red velvet version by The Row that was both perfectly tailored and a very rock 'n' roll.

Finished with open-toed heels, an oversize hobo and tortoise shell shades, it was the most glamorous (yet somehow nonchalant?) day-to-night outfit I've seen in a while. Click through the slideshow below to shop some currently available, similar options. (I'll be doing the same.)

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